Program B2 (with Shaykh Yasir Qadi)
Departure: 23 or 24 July / Return 6 or 7 Aug

Makkah Aziziyah
25 JUL - 29 JUL
(4 DH - 8 DH)
Manasik of Hajj
29 JUL - 3 AUG
(8 DH - 13 DH)
3 AUG - 6 AUG
(13 DH - 16 DH)
(in Madina only)
(in Madina only)

Azizia Makkah

Saja Hotel Madinah
or Similar

Saja Al Madinah is a luxury and economical hotel located in the heart of the Holy city of Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Above prices do not include Hajj fee, sacrifice
• All reservations are not confirmed until a deposit is made
• Total allotment of Quad rooms for all packages, Double and Triple rooms are limited and subject to availability.
• Essential Program is meant for Quad occupancy.
• Essential Program is ONLY for USA permanent residents or Citizens. This does not apply to Canada or UK.
• All clients MUST register online and agree to the Terms & Conditions (No exceptions)
• Any agency collecting their data from client directly must sign and agree to our terms and conditions and are liable and responsible directly with their clients.
• Essential Program is only offered to Adults that are in good health and able to walk at a minimum 2 miles a day.
• Airline options will be available April 1st and other gateways will be available at an additional fee.

• Round Trip airfare for Saudi Arabia from JFK
• Upgraded North American Mena Camps, the air-conditioned tent. These are about 45 minutes walking distance to the Jamarat.
• Foam mattress sleeping chair in your Mena unit
• North American Arafat camp in air-conditioned tents

•Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in the Aziziyah and hotels
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in Mena (Boxed meals)
• Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat (Boxed Meals) As well

• Our team of staff members are available to assist you
• Worry-free luggage management & transportation
• Ihrams for male pilgrims
• Prayer rugs for female pilgrims
• Zam Zam water to bring back home
• Airlink drawstring shoe bag Exclusions

Please note, KSA has introduced two taxes from last year: a 5% VAT ; and an additional 5% Municipality Fee. These 2 estimated fees $350 per person are included in the price

• Hajj draft fee $450
• Sacrifice ($150)
• Domestic flight to international gateways