About Us
In the name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The Merciful.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We are very pleased to announce that we are collaborating for ground services with Dar El Salam, to introduce a new and unique Hajj program. This package has been created for customers seeking the most economical way to complete their Hajj. The Hujjaj in this economical package will use the general services provided in the North American camps during the Manasik of Hajj, their stay in Makkah and Madina will be in 5 star hotels in front of Haram. The Apartment building in Azizia that will be used before and during Hajj is close to the Jamarat.

Airlink has 26 years of experience in organizing Hajj groups from America. We have professional people at the airport to meet and assist pilgrims on their arrival and departure in an efficient manner. Airlink maintains a quality service during Hajj so that the Pilgrims can focus on performing Hajj with all its rights under the guidance of well known scholars and group leaders.

Inshallah we assure you of our best service. We take this opportunity to serve the hujjaj, as this means more than just a business to us!


Khalid Qureshi